First Night Meeting Place
G & C Honda
2415 E. 70th Street
Shreveport, LA

Class starts promptly at 5:30, so please get here at least 10 minutes early


Westbound (coming from Bossier City) G & C Honda is approx 1 mile from Jimmy Davis bridge on left side of road.


G & C HONDA is located at the star, with arrows pointing to it.


Eastbound (coming from Shreveport going towards Bossier) G & C Honda is 1/3 mile from Bert Kouns Industrial and 70th Street intersection.

Where is the classroom at G & C Honda?




The classroom is on second floor -- there is only one stairway at the back of the showroom as indicated.

Please ask for assistance, any sales personnel will point you in the right direction.

Class starts promptly at 5:30 PM, so please be in classroom by 5:20.