BRC Weekend at LSUS Campus

Class starts promptly at 7:30 each morning,
so please get here at least 10 minutes early on Saturday

How to get to LSUS campus



LSU-S is located in southern Shreveport (campus shown in green).

SU west entry: On Youree Ave it is the first stoplight south of the Burt Kouns/Industrial Dr and Youree intersection.

LSU east entry: Off East Kings Highway. Stay in right lane after crossing Burt Kouns/Industrial Dr on King's Highway... use first right turn lane into LSUS (campus chapel will be on your right at turn point).


How to get to LSUS from G&C Honda
(site of Thur night's class)

Take 70th to Burt Kouns/Industrial Dr (first stoplight) make left turn

On Burt Kouns/Ind Dr either turn left onto E. Kings (second stoplight) or continue across E Kings to Youree (third stoplight)

If on E. Kings, turn right into LSUS.

If on Youree turn left into LSUS


Where to park
GPS Coordinates:
32 25' 45.2" N
93 42' 18.4" W
No GPS? Use the maps below, works just as well


Park in the Business and Education parking lot (look for sign below). Park in the vicinty of the red dot -- will discuss parking in class on Thurs night.



Classroom is in Business Admin and Education Building (arrow indicates building). Entrance is quad glass doors on the right side of the building (when entering from the parking lot). Signs inside the building will direct you to classroom on 2nd floor -- Room 206..


Please be in the classroom no later than 7:25 so class can begin promptly at 7:30.