Dealership Training Assistance Program (DTAP)

The following dealerships want you professionally trained. In cooperation with LSUS and, these dealerships will compensate/reimburse your LSUS tuition fee -- making your training free. See the requirements below and talk to your dealer about this great opportunity.

All the major-local dealerships want you trained:

 x Bossier City Harley-Davidson xG & C Honda x

Rock Powersportsx  Shreveport Motorsports

How the program works:

Rider responsibilities:
1) Register and pay the tuition fee through LSUS's Basic Rider Course
2) Attend the course and successfully complete it (obtaining a Completion Card)
3) Buy a new or "designated" used motorcycle from a participating dealership.
4) Offer valid only at the time of purchase:
- Rider can buy the motorcycle before taking the training course [dealership must be advised you are going to take the course in the future -- course must be completed within six months of sale or manufacturer's incentive will be lost]
- Rider can buy the motorcycle after taking the course [manufacturer's restrictions apply, so plan on making purchase within 60 days of completing course or manufacturer's incentive portion of reimbursement may be lost] 
5) Present the following documentation to dealership when requesting reimbursement:
- LSUS receipt proving you paid your tuition fee
- Completion Card showing you successfully graduated from the course

Reimbursement comes from Manufacturer's Training Incentive Program and dealership reimbursement:
1) Rider must complete paperwork and send forms to Manufacturer to obtain Manufacturer's Incentive Program money applicable for new motorcycle sales.  Dealerships will help with paperwork, but submitting forms is rider's responsibility as Manufacturer will send incentive money directly to rider. The Manufacturer's incentives are listed on the
Manufacturer's Incentives page. 
2) The Dealership will reimburse the rider the difference between the tuition fee and Manufacturer's Incentive money.
-- The form of this reimbursement is at the dealership's discretion.
-- Discuss the means of reimbursement with the dealership to ensure you understand their participation policy.

The local dealerships came together to offer this incentive because they want you trained. They know trained riders will enjoy this sport more, operate more safely, and be better able to handle the risks motorcycling involves. They are trying to make a difference -- to make the riding community safer. Let them help you get trained.

This offer is available solely at the discretion of the Dealerships named above. Any one or all Dealerships may withdraw this offer at any time without notice. This offer is made between the Dealerships named above, LSUS, and -- motorcycle training obtained elsewhere is not covered under this offer.

The program is fairly self-explanatory, but if you have a question, feel free to ask it using the "Email" link from the "Home" page.