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These comments come from end-of-course critique graduates and emails to The page is divided into THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY (so far THE UGLY has been avoided).

At the end of each comment is the source.
BRC = Basic Rider Course graduate comment
ERC = Experienced Rider Course graduate comment


"What an awesome motorcycle safety course. I have taken other motorcycle courses, none have even
come close to this one. It was outstanding, from the instructors to the material offered. I'm sure it will save many lives. Thanks again."

"I wanted a Hayabusa. I wasn't going to buy it without getting trained, but I wasn't sure your "little" bike was going to teach me what I needed to know to ride the "big" bike I wanted. I couldn't have been more wrong. You teach great techniques that are applicable to any street bike riding. I'm applying everything you taught and look like I've been riding forever. Thanks for the training and making me look so good!" BRC

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the spectacular job teaching the BRC. I thought I might have trouble getting accustomed to my 650 after learning on your 250 but after just a few minutes of practice, I was ready to go! Now I'm riding my motorcycle everywhere I go -- I can not stop smiling. Taking your class was the best thing I have ever done for myself!" BRC

"My husband bought a small motorcycle to learn how to ride and paid almost $4000 for it. Then he traded that in on a bigger bike (losing a few hundred on the trade in) a few weeks later. I took this class for $200, bought the same size bike he has and ride it so much better than he does. I'm trying to teach him, but it will be a slow process. He won't take your course because he's too embarrassed to admit he should have got taught before he bought!!! Thank you, you guys are great." BRC

"I had some reservations about this course because I stand 5'2" and was concerned that I would drop the bike and injure myself or possibly others, but the class was a breeze thanks to the Rider Coaches. They were very patient throughout the course, even taking students aside who were having a little trouble and giving extra instruction, coaching, and encouragement. Thanks for everything." BRC

"I heard good things about this course. I came expecting good things from this course. I was blown away! The enthusiasm, concern, patience, and knowledge of the instructors is amazing." BRC

"I used my safety-money to buy a full-face helmet, gloves, jacket, riding pants and boots. But the best safety-money I spent was on this course!!!" BRC

"I'm an experienced rider who attended the Basic Course because an Experienced Rider Course wasn't offered.  I thought I'd be spending 2 days being told things I already knew.  I was wrong, and owe my life to what was taught. Before this class, I sat at intersections in neutral, relaxing while waiting for the light to change [you old heads know what I'm talking about] and never paid too much attention to my distance from the car in front of me.  I was told to be alert, in 1st gear, monitoring my rear end for threats, and with enough room to move out of harms way at an intersection.  What was said made sense, and I took the advise. On July 13th 2005, at an intersection in Springfield, IL I saw a car barreling towards me from behind and not slowing down enough for my comfort, so I power-waked to the right just as I heard the crunch of metal! Both drivers were taken by ambulance to the hospital with injuries.  The policeman who took my statement said I was one lucky rider... I thought to myself, no, I am one well trained rider. Your course may have saved my life. Thank you for teaching this old dog a new trick." BRC

"Within 30 minutes of getting on the motorcycle I was riding!  By Saturday afternoon I was weaving and making turns!  On Sunday I was doing things that experienced riders do!  This course is awesome!  Great instruction, fun riding.  Everything I read and heard about this course was true. I am riding a motorcycle safely thanks to taking this course." BRC

"I was at the dealerís door the day after class (Iíd have been there Sunday afternoon if they were open). I didnít want to waste any time or forget anything I learned, which was a lot. What a great course, Iíd recommend it to anyone who really wants to learn to ride right" BRC

"Talk about fun! The whole weekend was a blast. I showed up for work on Monday with a grin you couldnít wipe off my face.  The other guys I work with didnít do squat all weekend while I learned to ride a motorcycle.  That is way-cool. Iím going bike shopping this coming weekend." BRC

"I was scared. I've ridden on the back of a motorcycle but never controlled one.  The instructors were patient, never yelled, never got angry. They told me I could do it and all I had to do was trust them.  Now I am a rider!" BRC

"My husband has a bike and I have always ridden on the back with him, but I wanted to learn. I signed up my husband without him knowing because I didn't want to take the class by myself.  I caught quiet a bit of grief from my husband, as he didn't feel that he needed a beginner course.  When we got home on Sunday my husband thanked me for signing him up. The course helped him find his limits on his bike and do things with it he was not comfortable doing before the course. Thanks for all your patience with us (especially with me). We both learned so much and will be riding together on our own bikes thanks to you. I will hear your voice forever while I ride helping me do things right. Thank you!" BRC

"Thorough training. Most enjoyable class I've ever taken.  I'd almost take the class a second time if I werenít cutting into someone elseís opportunity to take it.  Looking forward to taking Experienced Riders Course." BRC

"You may have saved my marriage by teaching me to ride instead of my husband.  We frustrated each other... he didn't think I could learn and I know he couldn't teach me! We're both happy now, and he thinks I'm a pretty good rider. Thanks for your patience." BRC

"What a great weekend! It was very challenging and I had to do a great dealing of thinking -- just like you said. But, I learned so much.  You have a knack for instructing and most of all you made the learning fun.  You made it a wonderful weekend for everyone in class." BRC

"My bike sat in the garage for 2 months while I waited to take this course.  Am I glad I waited! When I got on it, I knew what to do... I was nervous, but confident I could ride it. I'm taking it easy like you said, and seeing the world in a whole new way -- thank you so much." BRC

"This was the most awesome course I have ever taken! I'd definitely recommend it to anyone. The Coaches are very down-to-earth and care that everyone understands what they're doing.  They made sure everyone was comfortable with the task before we progressed to the next one.  Everyone was coached at their own skill level, as there were more experienced riders in the same class as those of us who've never ridden. Thank you so much for teaching me these new skills. I am eternally grateful!  Hopefully, I will never have to use those emergency skills you taught us. Thank you!" BRC

"I was told the classroom stuff was just as important as the range work. At first I couldn't see how, but it was. I learned stuff throughout the course!" BRC

"This weekend I learned to operate a motorcycle safely instead of just learning to drive one." BRC

"I thoroughly enjoyed your class.  I actually rode my boyfriend's Road King when I got home and he was amazed at how much I had learned." BRC

"I don't like taking tests and I was concerned about both the riding and classroom tests.  After all the exercises we did, the riding test was easy and there wasn't anything on the written test we didn't thoroughly cover in class. This course made me feel good about myself" BRC / ERC

"Not a wasted moment.  Course runs like clockwork. I cannot believe how much we did and learned between the classroom and riding.  I honestly enjoyed every minute." BRC / ERC

"No one likes to be told what they are doing wrong, especially on a bike, but the Rider Coaches tells you how to do things better, and we all want that." ERC

"I had developed a lot of bad riding habits over the last 10 years, and thanks to the Rider Coaches I know what they are.  They see everything!" ERC

"You run a great course. I'm sorry I didn't take this class 4 years ago!  Maybe I'd still have my old bike!" ERC

"I've attended 2 formal motorcycle training courses before this one, but they both pale in comparison.  RidingSafety's classroom presentation is outstanding, and the range work was fun and challenging. The time just flew by!" ERC

"I've always heard you should practice your riding skills, but I didn't know exactly what to practice before this course.  Now I know, and I know the right way to do them.  Thank you, you run a top-notch program." ERC

"I was concerned about taking this course because I thought the other riders might be a lot better or more experienced than me. we were all treated individuals, helping me and everyone else when and where we needed it." ERC

"Now I see why my son wouldn't stop talking about this course. He is right, it is a great course. I learned a lot. I'm going to get my wife signed up next!" ERC

"I only took the course to save some money on my insurance.  I learned so much, I'm thinking about paying RidingSafety the premium difference (sorry guys, I only said thinking about it!)." ERC

"I owe my health, if not my life to this training. A car turned in front of me and there was no where to go. Before my training I know I would have hit the car at speed or locked up my brakes and skidded into it. I braked like I was taught, and I've been practicing. I hit the car at only a few miles an hour and came to a stop upright.  I know I wouldn't have if not for your training.  I want you to know you're doing a real service.  I'm walking and living proof of it. Cannot thank you enough." ERC


"You have a great course, and I learned a lot -- but I'm still not going to wear a helmet if I donít have to, like in TX." [I'm here to inform, not to enforce. I provide information, and every rider decides how/if it will be used. I wear my protective gear because I cannot foresee the future, so I never know when I'll have to depend upon it. Laying in a hospital bed with preventable injuries wishing Iíd have worn all my gear is too late -- or worse, laying in a casket with my loved ones wishing Iíd have thought of them when I dressed for my last ride is hard to take. So I wear all my all protective gear and pray I never need it -- Keith.] ERC


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