Your RidingSafety RiderCoaches
Every one of these Coaches is here to help you achieve your goal of learning to ride a motorcycle safely. You will appreciate their patience, concern, knowledge and professionalism.
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Theresa Neff

A certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) instructor/RiderCoach for 10 years Theresa really enjoys training. She will help you use correct riding techniques and strives for you to make them a habit. She wants you prepared for that "once-in-a-lifetime" situation that could save your life.


Trence McCoy

A certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) instructor/RiderCoach for over 18 years. Trence has over twice that amount of time teaching people a vocation through his Small Engine Repair classes at Louisiana Technical College. He is a World Drag Bike Champion... so he can ride and fix motorcycles, a winning combination. You will appropriate his humor and expertise as he makes you the best rider you can be.

Brian Signal

A certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) instructor/RiderCoach and RidersEdge Instructor. Extensive riding experience in Europe (over 50,000 miles in just a few years). On active duty at Barksdale AFB.


Keith Green

A certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) instructor/RiderCoach, Military Motorcycle Instructor, and Sportbike Rider Coach.  Over a decade of experience teaching motorcycle safety. Couple that with 20 years as an AF instructor pilot and you'll see why teaching motor skills and safety is nothing new to him. His goal is to help you get over your initial fears and concerns about riding... to let you see for yourself why so many people love this activity.



Interested in becoming a RiderCoach? Talk to these Coaches. RidingSafety is always looking for prospects. Riding ability isn't nearly as important as teaching/communicating ability. Any rider can ride, question is if a rider has the knowledge and patients needed to teach someone else to ride. Well do you?

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