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Here are important items that just don't fit anywhere else. The underlined items are links to different subject matters.   Enjoy!

Local Dealership Training Assistance Program: Local Dealerships who want you trained, and will pay for you to get it! FREE training to those that qualify.

Manuals: LA Motorcycle Operatorís Manual and Skills Manual.

Local Sponsors: Asking you to support the local merchants that support RidingSafety.com

Feedback: Comments from past Graduates who took the course

RiderCoach Information:  Let you know who is willing to work very hard to teach you how to ride, and ride the right way.

Replacement Completion Card: RidingSafety.com ONLY REPLACES CARDS FOR RIDERS IT HAS TRAINED. If you were trained somewhere else or by someone else, you must contact the site where training was accomplished. Only riders trained through RidingSafety.com need fill out the attached form. If verified that RidingSafety trained you, there is a $7 administrative charge to replace a MSF Completion Card and the replacement card will have the original date of training on it when issued, not the current date (if you were trained three years ago, your new card will reflect you were trained three years ago -- no cheating!).