Basic Rider Course
Computer Based Training

This is a simple, self-paced training program that allows you to review what will be discussed on the first night of class -- Motorcycle Controls and some Basic Riding Techniques.

You don't need to memorize any of this, just be familiar with the information and you'll be in great shape for the first night of class.

The CBT is divided into three simple parts. Part 1 is an overview of motorcycle controls. Part 2 deals with the function of the primary motorcycle controls. Part 3 are some basic riding techniques.

Please learn and enjoy... you are in charge of this training.

Part 1: Overview of a motorcycle's controls -- Location

Overview 1: What controls and equipment are found on a motorcycle?
Overview 2: The location of the primary controls
Overview 3: Thumb controls
Overview 4: Instruments and indicator lights
Overview 5: Miscellaneous controls

Part 2: Function of the primary controls

Question 1: What are the primary controls & where are they located?
Question 2: How does the throttle work?
Question 3: What does the clutch lever do and how do I work it?
Question 4: What does lifting or pressing on the gearshift lever do?
Question 5: How are the brakes controlled?

Part 3: Basic riding techniques

Technique 1: How you you start/stop the engine?
Technique 2: What does good riding posture look like?
Technique 3: How do you shift gears?
Technique 4: What are the four steps used in turning / cornering?
Technique 5: How do I lean while turning / cornering?
Technique 6: What techniques will help me make smooth, controlled stop?

Review the quizzes only please:

Quiz 1: Covers Parts 1 & 2
Quiz 2: Covers Part 3