BRC Prep

Welcome to your
BRC Preparation Page

RidingSafety asks you to do these few items before
the first night of class to save class time.
None of these items take long to do or to review.

By doing item #1 you will receive your MSF Completion Card upon
graduation Sunday afternoon. If you delay in completing item 1,
you could wait four weeks to get your Card!!!

Please do items #2 through #6 prior to the first night of class.

  1. [Do it now] -- Fill out your today. Filling out this simple form prior to class means you receive your MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) Completion Card when you successfully complete the class requirements. If you don't fill out the form, your Card is snail mailed to you -- with delivery as much as four weeks after graduation. Don't wait, fill out the form today!
  2. [Bring Thur night] -- Print the and bring it with you Thur night. Checklist will ensure you come to each class session with the things you need.
  3. [Must do] -- Read the -- there are two: the: the Waiver and Indemnification Form and Training Rules and Contract Form. You cannot take this training unless you sign the Form sheet your Rider Coach will pass out during the first night of class. Reading the forms before attending saves valuable class time.
  4. [Help find your way] Look at the to make sure you know where to go, both for the first night of class and for the weekend class at LSUS.
  5. [Inquiring minds want to know] Review the Introduction card below. This is how you will introduce yourself to your fellow riders. It is put here so you can see the simple information your fellow riders would like to know about you, and what you'll learn about them. Many a common bond has been found via this card -- many a friendship forged via this training program

  6. Finally, [for peace of mind, and to prove you got this far down the webpage] AFTER you have done all the items above, send this so RidingSafety can update your status as "Ready for class, ready to ride".
    The six items above completes what is necessary before your Thursday night class.
  7. [Optional, but beneficial, for Thursday night. Required review material before class Saturday] to make sure you know where to go, both for the first night of class and for the weekend class at LSUS.

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