RidingSafety.comís Basic Rider Course Checklist
If you want to do what needs to be done, bring what you need to bring, and be where you need to be, just print this checklist follow its instructions. Check off the applicable boxes -- youíll arrive prepared, and with everything you need.
BEFORE first night of class [complete these items]
Fill out your Data Card
Read the Waiver and Indemnification Form and Training Rules webpages
Check out the Maps so you know where to go, and when to be there

Thursday night class -- At G&C Honda: 2415 E. 70th Street, Shreveport. [Please be in classroom by 5:20 PM, class starts at 5:30 PM] -- bring the following:

(Optional) A copy of this checklist
Yourself -- no equipment needed. Everything you need for first night is provided (pens, marks, etc).
Saturday/Sunday -- On the LSUS campus -- directions discussed in class. [Classroom/riding days - be in classroom by 7:25AM, class starts at 7:30 AM,
Workbook (if given to you first night of class)
Riding gear:
  -- Helmet -- DOT (Department of Transportation) approved [Don't worry, RidingSafety has
  Sponsor-provided helmets for those who do not have one or cannot borrow one]
-- Eye protection [goggles, face shields, impact resistant glasses all authorized]
-- Long sleeves [shirt and/or jacket over T-shirt in summer -- use layers in winter]
-- Full fingered gloves [DO NOT have to be motorcycle specific gloves -- must be flexible]
-- Long pants (no flared bottoms or cuffs -- they get hung up on bike parts!)
-- Ankle protecting footwear (ie boots)
-- Rain gear -- we ride even if it rains. (Two piece $12 plastic rain suits found at local
discount stores will suffice for our training purposes)
Food / drinks
  -- Lunch (brown bag it, no microwave available) We do working lunches -- no time to
  leave campus
  -- Hydrating type drink (Gatorade a good idea, prevents leg crams later in the day).
  Water available
Creature comforts (optional) - recommended to make the experience more enjoyable
  -- Mosquito repellent [in season]
  -- Sun protection: sunscreen, brimmed hat, etc.
  -- Lawn chair (on Sunday)